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Avoid Mental Constipation

Too much learning can be detrimental to the mind. Learning is an art. So, the learner should be an artist. As an artist you need to have in mind the picture of the art you are creating. Most people are learning but they lack a clear picture of who they want to use the learning to become. This is where they become mentally constipated.

They often read, they always are after new knowledge, and new information, as well as new teachers to the point it becomes an addiction. Addiction is not different from being stuck or being caught up in a hamster wheel. When you are stuck your mind repeats the same behaviors that give you a form of pleasure.

To be honest, the world does not really need a lot of information to reach awakening. What the world needs is a clear picture of who they are--their identity. When we don't know who we are we invade our mind with bunch of data that are not really useful to our personal development and spiritual awakening.

Here is the question: Why are you reading what you are reading right now? Do you know? Information is good if we know what and who it will make us become. So, you get to first design the person or the kind of person you would like to become in mind, then feed your mind with the right information that will eventually manufacture that image of yourself in you as a character.

This is the only way a little bit of information can be enough because it will lead to revelation while revelation will lead to liberation. When you know the image of your self you want to create, you become selective as to which tools or information you need to use to form such a self-image.

As you become this intentional about what you absorb as information, you will begin to tap into deeper parts of your brain to expand the small amount of information you have into revelation.

Through this revelation you will begin to liberate yourself from they things or behaviors that are not in alignment with the image of yourself you are carving out with your intentional studies. This is called liberation. Not every information should be incorporated into your mental growth unless the image of you that you would like to form is an encyclopedia.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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