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Adding More Life

Each day is supposed to make you new. Because each day demands that you make new decisions. New decisions put us in a different vibration. And a different vibration puts us in a different experience. We feel more aliveness through joyful exciting moments. These moments give more meaning to our lives than the long hours of "important" projects.

Thinking the same thoughts each day makes life feel boring and unfulfilled. It's therefore very important that each day, you choose to make small decisions that will cause you to thinking different thoughts.

Your day is a feeling. How you felt during the day makes the day what it is. Is there anything new you could add to your day that could make it a little more fun, adventurous, or creative? You need to think about this the night prior to the next day. This is how you add more life to your life: By making new decisions daily through small new activities.

Adding new "thoughts" to your day is adding more life and experiences to your day to expand your vibration into more joy. It could be using coloring books, learning a new language, reading an adventurous book, planning to visit a certain country and starting to look at the photos of that country or even reading about their culture. It could be learning to play a new game or learning to use new words.

There are countless of ways to experience a new you each day. It is a matter of a decision backed up with a conscious choice to be intentional about adding more life to your daily life. By choosing to add more life to your daily life, you are making new decisions that will allow you to unveil and explore another side of you. And this to us is often joyfully exciting. This vibration of joyful excitement will line you up with good opportunities and have you experience serendipity.

The Teaching Of Alain and Danielle

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