The Lightning Bolt Method (LBM) is a 7-class spiritual program invented and designed by Teacher Alain Dagba to help remove mental limitations to our ability to create the lifestyle we know we deserve to have by Divine Right.

what could you have done with your life if you had no "limitation"?

If right now you are told by God face to face to walk on water or to fly off a skyscraper, will you give it a try?

Do you think the limitations we feel when we want to create the best life we know we deserve, is in our mind or something outside of who we are?

What can stop you from being happy, healthy, and wealthy at the same time if it's not the false beliefs you have accumulated from past pains, false data, and your upbringing programming?

Is there a real outside influence that can be a blockage to a thriving and blossoming relationship, or the challenge is within? If it's within, how come we can't overcome it?

If the past or all offenses are inside the brain and you are the one that allow them to last whenever they return from memory, how is it that you can't stop them, let go, and forgive? 

The truth is you already have the divine power to create the lifestyle you want. The problem is you and I have a virus called LIMITATION that is blocking our access to the totality of that power. The LBM is invented to remove this virus. 

Download the FREE MAP that explains how the LBM will be able to help you remove the virus of limitation and awaken within you the power to love yourself enough to create a lifestyle you can enjoy.

Alain & Danielle 

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