Terms & Conditions + Q&A

Who is this Soul Journey Course/Webinar For?

Through this Spiritual Life Coaching Course and Webinar we help souls: individuals and couples, who feel like there is more to themselves and life, and they want to reach that next level. People who feel like they are in need of spiritual guidance to get unstuck, find clarity, awaken self-confidence, heal their wounds, and create a lifestyle of fulfillment and of financial comfort.

How much is the Soul Journey Course/Webinar?

During your initial first consultation we will discuss about the financial investment that is required to begin your Soul Journey.

How Long Is The Coaching/Couse/Webinar?

This is a seven-week course.

What should I Expect For My Investment?

Upon starting your journey, you will immediately be taken through a personal assessment titled "let's get to know each other better" process. The "getting to know you" is to determine if you are the type of trainee we are looking for. You will be receiving a 1-Hour Pre-Recorded Weekly video webinar by Alain and Danielle directly in your email. There will be a total of 7 videos sent in 7 weeks. Each Webinar Coaching wideo comes with its own assignment. You ger to study at your own pace. Our objective is to raise leaders who are independent from us and are equipped with power to solve their own problems. You will be amazed to see how much of a deeper transformation and self-confidence through self-discipline you will experience through these webinars compared to a one-on-one session. We intentionally designed this coaching system to do just that. You will also be attending a live weekly Q&A session with Alain and Danielle. You will be given powerful tools to create your own desired results during these Q&As as you grow and enhance your spiritual understanding with more practical wisdom. We have cracked the code which is the ONLY solution to all the problems you can find on earth: AWAKE THE GOD-SELF or the CHRIST within. That's it. And we are the best at what we do.
The webinars will solely be based on insights and activities to achieve your results expected. The course/webinar will bring changes into the four pillars of your life below.

  • Self
  • Relaitonships
  • Finances
  • Wellness

What do we Expect from You?

We expect from all our students a serious dedication to the webinar/course so that they can have the results they are looking for. We expect assignments to be completed and practices to be done. We want you to get more out of your investment. Therefore, those requirements we are asking are important to achieve that goal.

Who Do We Want To Work With?

We are looking to work with people:

  1. Who are excited to grow
  2. Who respect our wisdom
  3. Who are willing to change
  4. Who are excited about learning
  5. Who are open-minded
  6. Who are excited and happy to invest in their well-being
  7. Who are solution-seekers (not complainers)
  8. Who are optimistic and believe in positive outcome
  9. People who are coachable

What if I miss a Webinar/Course?

If you miss a webinar you will receive a recording by email. We recommend you listen to the recording, do any assignment that is required before joining the next webinar or course including the Q&As. Be aware that each course or webinar builds on the next one.

When will the Weninar/Course begins?

NB: Please read carefully! After your Perspective Call, you will be given more details. The Webinars/Courses will be sent out on Mondays

  • 6AM Pactific TIme
The Q&As will be conduted Live on Wednesdays
  • 6PM Pacific TIme

What we do not promise

We do not promise a magical pill that will solve all your problems. To achieve any result in life, it demands that you put in the work and the passion, and the energy from a place of love and enthusiasm. We do not promise to do the work for you. But, we will do the work with you. And if you are committed to the process, you will see your results.

Is the payment refundable?

We do not issue refund. Therefore, before you book this webinar/course, make sure you understand our terms and conditions fully.

What do I need to prepare?

Have the willingness to change, the excitement to learn, and the enthusiasm to celebrare small victories and other people's victory.

How do I start?

After clicking the link below that says: "I am ready to start" you will be taken to a page to: 1. Fill up an application for us to get to know you more 2. You will then book your "Perspective Call"

Do You Do Payment Plans?

We do not do payment plans and we do not take insurance either.