Holistic Health Coach
Spiritual Life-Coach

My name is Danielle Dagba, I specialize in helping people remove trapped toxic emotions from their body, especially due to past sexual abuse and heal the body through natural herbs. 

I am known to be down-to- earth, relatable, and to have a great positive healing presence and a great sense of humor.

My work has been recognized as being: incredibly insightful, and very, very, very powerful by my clients. My work is indeed effective because simple. My Holistic Herbs are known to be miraculous, healing, cleansing and very effective to maintain a vibrant health. 

My spiritual, holistic and mindfulness practices when applied with proper guidance and coaching yield the following RESULTS:

1.Healthy Self-Image
2. Body Kindness, appreciation and Healing
3. Capacity to love and forgive oneself and others
4. Soul Alignment with One's divine Purpose
5. Spiritual Freedom

I am looking forwards to getting to know you more. 

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Danielle Dagba

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