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If you have not been verbally approved by Alain & Danielle to be part of this membership, do not purchase this membership. Thank You. 

If you have been verbally approved to join the gold membership club, be aware that we see each other in this club as a family. We trust each other with all out heart.


And our agreement to work together is purely based on Love and respect for God's laws of loyalty, kindness, and goodness. We are not operating based on any other form of human contract or preventive measures. 

Be aware that your payment is final. Trainings will be taking place bi-weekly via zoom. If you miss any training, the video replay will be sent to you--not to be shared with a third party.


Failure from complying to this protocol of not sharing these training materials with a third party will unfortunately result in the cancellation of your gold and silver membership benefits all together. 

Monthly Subscription


Yearly Subscription