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"A Lightworker Is Someone Who Is Called To Use His

Or Her Own Awakened Light To Help Others Awaken Theirs."


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Lightworker / Spiritual Coach

Hi Alain & Danielle!


Thank you again for the experience!  It was life changing.


Here is what I wrote about it:


In one word… POWERFUL.  Alain & Danielle helped me to see what my gift to the world is in under 30 minutes, no joke!  The only thing I’ve ever known for certain is that I am a lightworker.  Other than that, I was completely confused about what exactly that meant for me.  What do I offer people? 


How do I help them?  What is it about me that is able to help them?  In other words, what is my unique gift?  It seems almost silly to me now how obvious the answer was, BUT without the help of Alain & Danielle… I’d still be stuck in uncertainty and doubt. 


Words can’t describe the gift that I’ve been given, but I’ll give it a try!  Because of the call, I now see my power.  I have a deep understanding of what I give the world.  I see my value and I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can help others.  I walked away from the call feeling grounded and at peace for possibly the first time in my life.  What was the best part?  They didn’t give me answers but helped me to see them for myself.   



with loving kindness,

Julie Ann

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lLightworker / Holistic Wellness Coach

Hello Alain & Danielle,


What I received with much gratitude and enthusiasm from this call today was clarity on my true gift to the world that is activated by being connected to the God within. My gift is the infectious joy and laughter that flows through me freely.

That joy and laughter is God flowing through me, that is life.  That is what people are purchasing, they are buying life. They are investing in their life, they are saving their life. People are not paying me by the hour. They are buying life and life is priceless.

What people will feel for themselves is radiating joy, unshakable confidence, deep connection to self and others and authentic love.

I love you both,

Thank You

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Lightworker / Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Hi Alain and Danielle!


I am so thankful and grateful for our breakthrough call today. Words cannot describe how I am feeling but I am going to try. I am beyond excited and enthusiastic for what is to come. I truly believe in the work and light  and employment I am spreading on this planet that will lead to monumental shifts in my clients lives! I know in my soul that these shifts will lead to more and more impact on this earth. This is only the beginning! 


Here are some takeaways that left my jaw dropped! 


1- I now have even more clarity and assurance as to what I am meant and destined to do within this lifetime. Empower every client that comes my way. 


2- I have deeper understanding and clarity as to how powerful, not only my vibration, but the description I use to describe the energy and impact I put into my business is.


3- My biggest and most influential take away is that I am Not selling a product or energy, I am giving people back their lives!!! Resuscitating my clients with life! 


4- The impact I leave with one of my clients not only affects just them but affects everyone in their lives as well. With their family members, kids, other friendships and relationships and even in their work life.


5- I give 30% and my clients gives the rest. This is how my clients will be able to live even when I am not there. 


Thank you again for your time and love, 


Iman Abdel 

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Lightworker  / Spiritual Therapist & Speaker

Good Afternoon,

Thank you so much for the break through call yesterday morning,

I'm so grateful to have spent such a profound moment with you both.


I left the call feeling Hope. I know we talked about my identification of hope for my clients but I left the call with  hope along with a feeling of faith that I've never experienced before.


The breakthrough call was just that, a breakthrough, in understanding at cellular level that it is God, who does the work in and through me. 


Thank you,

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Lightworker / Reiki Master

Alain & Danielle,

The call was so very helpful in defining Papa’s energy uniquely expressed through me as a stabilizing force.

The eyes to see that stabilizing force flowing through all I do & create was like taking blinders/ scales off the eyes of my Being.  I now see it as a constant message.  Consistent.  Targeted.  I also fully acknowledge it is Papa’s beautiful energy flowing through me.

The idea of details & definitions is so impactful.  The describing words give life to the details. 

I sense there is more to release in the energy around money.  So much has gloriously shifted already. It is no coincidence that I had just come from paying off the last account that kept us alive during the leans years.

Since watching your Septagram webinar, I have been intentional about praying expanse over my clients.  It surprises some.  All joyously receive it!

Grateful for both of you!

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Lightworker / Art Therapist 

Hello Alain & Danielle, 

WOW! The breakthrough call itself is worth thousands of dollars in price. I left the call feeling like a super-woman. I fully and totally see what my calling is about and how I should be charging my clients and by which criteria. 

I left the call feeling like nothing is impossible to me as a lightworker after understanding the way God does the work through us, and how to yield to God so I don't have to keep using my own intellectual mind to figure things out. 

This call is important for anyone in the field of coaching and speaking or any sort of personal development business. Because there is a lot of confusion out there. 

This call was a deliverance and a serious breakthrough moment. The questions you both asked me were beyond my expectations and allowed me to see answers I did not know were within me. I am so so so so grateful. Thank you.