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Auragram Subliminal Cards


Use these subliminal cards to unleash the brain chemicals that manufacture the Divine Feeling of enthusiasm in your sleep and wake up the next day in a very positive mood. 


Graphic Shapes

Step 1: Understand The Purpose

The purpose of these digital cards is to raise your vibration into absolute automatic daily joy by training your brain with 4 Ingredients: Powerful Words Of Prayer + The Colors Of The Rainbow + The Sound Of Laughter + The Sound Of Ocean Waves (An audio specially designed for you to listen to during the usage of the cards). 

Graphic Design

Step 2: Understand The Emotional Range

During your 21 nights of using these subliminal prayer cards with the sound of laughter and ocean waves, your emotions will rise from the positive vibrations within the range of the seven colors of the rainbow and their influence on the brain into the four most powerful and positive vibrations beyond the range of the seven colors of the rainbow. 

Image by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan

Step 3: Understand The  Sounds

The laughter sound is the mixture of ocean waves sound and laughing sounds. GOOGLE: "Laughter releases happy chemicals. When we laugh, Endorphins are released from the pituitary gland into the blood and then into the brain and into the spine.


When laughing, the dopamine chemical is released in the brain and then are sent as a signal to other nerves in the body." Ocean sound actually changes our brain waves' frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.


Listening to the waves activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes us more relaxed. The combination of both laughter sound and ocean waves sound increases the speed of the ascension of your positive vibrations into higher states. 

Rainbow Cubes

Step 4: Understand The Colors

Each prayer you will memorize and mentally say is associated with a color in the rainbow. With each color you will make a happy covenant between God's presence within you and your brain and body to generate high vibrations.


God said to Noah, "I have set my rainbow in the clouds (mental realm), and it will be a sign of covenant (entanglement) between me (God within you) and the Earth (Your body)". This covenant will design a neural connection within your brain and renew your mind to live a life of daily Enthusiasm. 

Above the rainbow colors and their central thoughts, you will be introduced to even higher vibrations to boost your Enthusiasm to an even higher vibration. 

Each prayer is associated with a color. On each card containing the prayer, you will see the central thought of the prayer and how long you should do that particular prayer. 

Have Fun & Enjoy, 

Alain and Danielle 






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