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A Spiritual & Mentoring Platform. 

Create The Life You Want To Live.

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Transformative Academy

A Non-Conventional Education Platform for Spiritual Expansion & Personal Growth. What do you do? We provide spiritual and personal Growth wisdom through Live Event and Online Training. We also provide short inspirational podcast and video content on social media to help people shift their awareness into wellbeing, wellness, and wealth consciousness. 

Transformative Sundays

A Spiritual Platform that provides an in-depth and practical understanding of the Bible to help people experience God within themselves as well as the life and message of Jesus Christ as a path to the liberation of their own mind and body from the seven nails or traps of the ego also known as the sinful nature. 

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Transformative For Men

This is a leadership training and talk show platform to raise the younger generation of men into more spiritually powerful, and more entrepreneurial adults in order to have a society of awakened fathers, vulnerable husbands, and inspiring leaders. 

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Transformative For Women

This is a leadership and a talk show for women with the purpose to assist them in connecting and awakening their divine feminine essence. As a result they get to love their inner child unconditionally and share that love with humanity starting from their own home. 

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