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Soul Journey


Since the time the portal of life opened up for you to appear on this planet, have you ever taken the time to remember why you came and from where you came? What if the answer to all the pains we go through on earth is found in remembering the journey we appeared on earth to continue?



Do you feel like there is a spiritual call over your life? Do you experience a whisper within your soul that you are called to guide others as a spiritual coach or a minister or a teacher? What if your presence on earth is to help others awaken to their Higher Self? 

Yen Bills



You probably have heard people say that money is energy, and you wonder what do they really mean by that? But you do know very well that lack of money can create in your body toxic energies such as stress, frustration, fear, insecurity, depression, and anxiety. 

Unio Mystica


Is there a Soul Mate for everyone? Are we meant to be with someone specific? How do we attract the right partner? Is there a luck in the choices we make? How do we heal a current relationship? Have we fulfilled the true meaning of this mystical union (unio mystica called romance. 

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One Happy Life, LLC is founded by Spiritual Teachers, Husband and Wife, Alain and Danielle Dagba supported by a group of amazing, down-to-earth, and powerful lightworkers who are their friends. students, and vision leaders. 

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